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Fire Safety in the Workplace

December 17, 2012

Fire safety is an extremely important issue and must be in the forefront of ones mind when thinking of safety in the workplace. Fires in the workplace result in deaths and injuries each year. Not only are fires a danger to the people in the building, but accidents involving fire cost businesses in the UK millions of pounds per year. Fires can be devastating, which is why appropriate safety precautions need to be taken in order to minimize risk to people and to property. In fact, if the correct precautions are not taken, the person who is responsible for the building could be fined and/or sent to prison. However, many fires can be avoided simply by taking the correct precautions and ensuring that your building is up to date with fire safety measures. There are a number of effective steps that can be taken in order to reduce risk of fires causing too much damage.

Fire Curtains & Fire Safety

According to the London Building Acts, there is a requirement that large buildings be subdivided into fire containing zones. This is to protect the occupants of the building, but also to help save the building and slow the fire, giving time for emergency services to arrive.

There are a number of ways to subdivide a building. One of these ways is to add fire doors and more walls in order to slow the progress of a fire. However this is often not possible. In order to comply with regulations, another possible option would be to add fire curtains which can be closed in case of a fire. Strategically placing them can ensure that in any fire emergency, the safety of the occupants of the building is the top priority.

Those in charge of building safety must also be aware of the fact that different regulations apply depending on if your building is more of an office type building or a warehouse type building. Awareness about things like this can be the difference between a building that is relatively safe in a fire, and a building that is not. Other regulations include things like the fact that buildings should include adequate ventilation, especially when dealing with flammable gases. Areas with explosive atmospheres must also be classified and appropriately marked. In order to be aware of all of the regulations that need to be put in place in your building, it is possible to have a risk assessment on your building. This will help ensure that your building is safe and up to date.

Fire & Smoke Curtains used to Comply with Fire Safety Regulations

Laws in England, Scotland and Wales were changed in October 2006 in order to shift the emphasis towards preventing fires and reducing the risk to those in the building during a fire. Many workplaces now employ the use of an automatic fire curtain system or a static smoke curtain system. A combination of them is also often used in order to maximize the safety of workers in the building. Fire curtains can be a very effective way of making sure that fires that are started in the workplace can be controlled quickly and efficiently. Fire curtains have proven to help save lives, and can be the difference between your building burning down, costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, or buying the precious time needed for the necessary emergency services to arrive. 

It is imperative that all building managers and those responsible for the safety of a building seriously think about what will happen in case of a fire emergency. An excellent way to ensure the safety of all people inside the building during a fire is to use fire curtains. Fire curtains are an essential part to the safety features of your building, and without them, a small accidental fire can prove to be devastating.


Author – Kevin Fitzgibbon

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