Blaze Automatic
Smoke Curtains

Blaze Automatic smoke curtains are at the forefront of engineered smoke strategies providing an unobtrusive and aesthetically neutral solution to compartmentation issues throughout the most complex of buildings.

We are able to create bespoke smoke curtains for even the most complex smoke control system, regardless of what type of building it is protecting or where it is to be installed.

The use of automatic smoke curtains has grown over the last few years as fire engineered solutions have become more complex and architectural demands have placed greater demand on fire strategies.

All of our automatic smoke curtains are rigorously tested and comply with all relevant BS, EN and now the UL – standards allowing their incorporation in designs worldwide.

Static and automatic smoke control systems are designed to be robust and as simple as possible to provide minimum maintenance requirements while providing for features such as retract buttons, obstruction sensors and audio visual warnings. 

Automatic Smoke Curtain Specifications

Blaze automatic smoke curtain (SD60):

  • Fabric Type: X32K
  • Fabric Rating: 60 minutes
  • Fabric Weight: 540gr / sq. metre
  • Curtain Descent: Gravity Fail Safe

If you wish to enquire about our automatic fire curtains, please contact us to talk to one of our experienced members of staff.

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