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Fire and Smoke Curtains

Blaze Fire Technology are specialists in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining smoke and fire curtains. We are constantly innovating and this is what makes us to be at the forefront in the building fire safety industry. All the smoke screens and fire curtains we produce are first tested and certified so that the customer can be assured of high quality products.

Static Smoke Curtains

Product range

We believe our product range to be the best and most reliable on the market and all our products carry all the relevant testing and certification accreditations, including BS, EN and UL standards.

Fire Curtains

Fire Barriers

We have a wide range of curtains both automatic and static. Our automatic fire curtain solution is purposefully designed as an alternative to the conventional steel shutters. In case of a fire, these seal off the area and contain the fire thereby stopping it from spreading to other areas. The beauty of it all is that fire curtain prices are among the most affordable in the industry.

Smoke Curtains
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